My name is Joyce Dekker (1989), graphic designer and fine art photographer. As long as I can remember, I’ve been always working with images. As a kid I did nothing else than draw, colorize and craft. During my teenage years, I taught myself how to edit photos in Adobe Photoshop. It was therefore obvious that after my final exams I went to the Graphic School (GLU) in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

After completing my education, I traveled through Australia / New Zealand for a year. Back in the Netherlands I started working as a graphic designer. Since January 2016 I work for Twin Media bv.

Those little things – I notice them all day long and want to collect and capture them.


On this moment I focus mainly on two aspects of photography: Abstract/minimalist and street photography. In both cases the form of art is above the content. I like to work in black and white too.

My work characterizes with clean lines and strong compositions. ‘You are always seeing things’, my mother used to say. By that she meant that the world is a continuous line of lines for me. I see lines flowing into each other, always and everywhere. Whether that is the vault of a train station building, or a serie of trees that come together in a forest.


When you pay attention, there are many beautiful things to discover outside your house. A bus that drives over the road. Drop shadows of trees on a summer day. The sun shining in a pool of water and reflecting the world. People carrying shopping bags, a ringing mother behind a pram. Whatever the subject, I take photos in such a way that you just have to look a bit longer to see what’s going on.

With the photos I take of the streets, I want to show you my impression of life in public space. When I travel, I study the symmetrical pattern of round arches in an old building with the same amount of interest as the old lady at her vegetable stall. Those little things – I notice them all day long and want to collect and capture them. To also show you what you can see.